Monday, May 20, 2013

Nails from the last two weeks..

Hi all

So I've been too busy doing my nails to do a post because I've had nail mail! I ordered the new set from Winstonia - go here and also google other nail blogs, a lot have been sent the plates for review and they also have a 10% off discount code.  I love the images and had trouble deciding which to use first! Here's a quick look at all the plates:
Here's my first mani:

I then decided to show my friend how to do a decal while skyping so ended up replacing my pointer finger with a.....

... pretty rainbow:)

 Turned out great, but took a while with all the different colours (I used nail art pens and painted it on my spare stamper).

I used plate W111 and La Femme Beauty in blue as a base coat & my favourite multi-use posh polish in silver as the stamping colour.

Manicure No. 2.

I used my nail art pens again - this time for dotting as well as two decals. As a base coat I used a sliverly/blue that turned out to look like pearl - S-he stylezone in Wow! Faber (from Hamer) and stamped with Konad special polish in black.

I then stamped a lace/scalloped pattern using an essence plate (also from the Netherlands).

Next I used the lace looking spirals on BM-201 for my thumbs.

Then used nail art pens to dot randomly on my thumbs and on the points on my fingers.

I did a different colour scheme for each hand cause that was the colour I'd made the decals :)

The decals were made using nail art pens and these plates.

I also gave in and ordered the Harry Potter plate from Apipila nails in Brazil (this one took longer in the post and had me checking the mail every day!). the site is in Portuguese but google translate works quite well. International orders are done by email (email the plates you want (shipping is the same for up to 4 plates) and make sure you ask for a tracking number (which you can track here).

It's got so many cool designs on it - I of course started with Harry potter (and a few friends).

Manicure No. 3.

Polishes I used for base coats were Cosmiss in Red and Black, my favourite faceshop in green, posh polish (also for stamping), Colour club Miss Sporty in yellow & Konad Special polish in black (for stamping).

Manicure No. 4.

My next mani using this plate was angry birds themed and I attempted to make decals of each character. I managed to lose one up the vaccum cleaner and another got pretty squashed once on my nail (done while I was sleeping, not my fault).

I used La Femme Beauty in Emerald with Barry M 340 in Aqua Glitter for the base coat and Konad Special polish in White & Black for stamping.  I used nail art pens for the decals.

Here's the end result:

Both Thumb & Pinkie nails are the same (thumb is actually watermelons using the Winstonia Plate but looks more like scales to me).

Right hand.

Left hand.

Close up of piglet :)

That's all for now, I'm currently trying to resist ordering the latest Mash plate - it has mermaid scales! haha..

Hope you liked my nails,
Till next manicure
Nikki :o)

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