Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Green, Brown & Black..

It was the Mount Christmas parade last Sunday & my roller derby crew entered a float. This occasion of course, called for some themed nails - something millitary, camo or red:)

After fighting for 2 hours I finally managed to chip off & partially destroy my nails remove the Gelish with the help of some acetone.  Just a note for those thinking of getting Gelish or Shellac done, make sure you have the patience to soak it off.  After 15 mins soaking, it did soften the edges but I still had to use a sharp edged cuticle tool to scrape the rest off.  My nails aren't it too bad of condition but already the snapping has started at work :( ah well I have another Gelish manicure booked for after Christmas (darn those cheap one day site deals).

I looked at a few pictures on google & after raiding my Mum's polishes (because green & brown aren't really my colours so I don't own any polishes in those shades) decided to make my own camo pattern.

These are the colours I picked:

Loreal Jet-set 420 (about 6 years old but still works well)

LA Girl Flare (which is actually green, not the blue this photo looks like). Picked up from the make up sale the other month.

Mode Trend Setter (no idea where this one came from but thinking possibly Korea)

Miki (the only decent 'cheap' nail polish brand in NZ, bout $4 for a cute tiny bottle)

 I don't have step by step instructions.  I basically did a coat of the Loreal brown over a base coat & dabbed the other colours on top, waiting between each to let them dry.

Here's a few close ups of the finished product:

Not exactly a work of art, but looks camo enough, which is more than I could find for my outfit.

And to top it all off we won 1st place in the sport section for our float.  

Go Mount Militia Roller Derby Crew!


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