Friday, November 25, 2011

Pink, Black & Stripes..

This week my nails didn't go exactly as planned.  As you'll see from the final pics, I have a different design on my thumb nails to the rest of my fingers.  That's the design I wanted but sadly I have used my konad special polish so much its almost gone :( So had to use a less polish using design.

Anyway I still have the green Gelish on my nails so had to paint over it with white polish first so it wouldn't show through the pink.  Ended up using white French tip polish I got as a gift years ago (seeing as I'm hopeless at doing French tips figured I should use the polish for something).  Ended up being such a performance to get it evenly covered, dried, etc that next week the Gelish will be gone (and possibly I will have much shorter nails after a week of work!).

After the white cover up and base coat I used Maybelline Express Finish Fushsia Fever.

Then started on my thumb nails.  Gave up after the left hand stuck more to the stamp than the nail! 

I used this plate

Konad black special polish

And here's the close up

I also attempted to add white to the gaps, didn't work that well....

After the thumb nails mini disaster, I decided to try out zebra stripes.  It worked pretty well.

I used this plate

Here's the finished product

It didn't turn out as bad as I thought :)

This sunday is the Xmas parade & as I'm skating with Roller Derby for that, I will be christmasing up my nails for that so no doubt my next post will involve red, green & white.


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