Sunday, April 7, 2013

Nails from the last few weeks....

Hi again,

It's been a while - been busy organsining my next job and sleeping in :)

Here's my nails from the last few weeks.

I found this silver polish the other day, after being sick of having to paint on 3 plus coats of my silver glitter and having it chip after a day.  Then to make it ever better, I discovered that it stamps perfectly - yay for another stamping colour.  It's Posh Polish by beauty UK, Olympic Silver no. 2.

I then decided to paint each nail a different colour and stamp it with silver.

I used essence Miami Roller Girl in Four Wheel Drive pink, green from the faceshop (in Korea), La Femme Beauty in blue & Hot Looks in Hip Hop orange.

I used BM-322 from Bundle Monsters 2012 collection.

Orange on my thumb, Green on my middle finger.

Blue on my pointer & ring finger and Pink on my little finger.

Next up it was time for Easter nails, I used some of the same colours.

The Faceshop green, Miami Roller Girl in Pink, Miss Sporty in Yellow and Konad Special Polish in Black.

I used the Faceshop green as the base coat, Konad special polish in Black for stamping and dotted with the yellow & pink.

I used the bunny outline stamp for most nails and dotted ontop.

For my accent nails (on my ring fingers), I used the bunny and egg stamp with dots around the outside.

I used BM-302 plate.

The most recent set of nails I've done is for my leaving party, I went for sparkly and simple.

I used Nails inc. special effects in marylebone as the base coat and Konad Special Polish in Black for stamping.

 I used BM-313 for the stamp - it came out looking like dinosaur eggs, which I thought looked kinda cool :)

Hope you liked them all, 
till next manicure
Nikki :o)

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