Monday, March 18, 2013

St Patrick's Day 2013.....

Hi all

Time for another blog post - this time it's St Patrick Day nails, a great excuse to try out some of the 2012 Bundle Monster plates that I've been neglecting.

I didn't really have a particular pattern/colour scheme for this mani - just green and to include a 4 leaf clover somewhere.

I ended up using a few greens, white and even a silver (I know gold is more traditionally associated with St Paddy's Day but I'm a silver person!).

I used Cosmiss in White (doubles as my stand in white stamping polish, got it cheap from a subway station in Budapest), La Femme Beauty in emerald (from kraudvat), Nails Inc in Burton Mews (from Debhams, not a cheap polish!), unbranded silver glitter (from a cheap, discount store as a 3 pack) & Konad Special Polish in White.

Here's the final result.

I used a different base polish on every nail apart from my little finger and middle finger.

For my pointer finger I used the lighter green as a base coat then stamped a mini clover looking pattern over top, using the Nail's Inc as a stamping polish (worked pretty well). Plate: BM-214.

For the middle finger I used the Nail's Inc polish for the base coat and Konad special polish in White.  Plate: BM-316.

For my ring finger I used the unbranded silver glitter polish for the basecoat and stamped with the Nail's Inc green polish again (came out 2 different colours on each hand, think I managed to get more polish on the second time I stamped). Plate: BM03.

For my thumbs, used the Cosmiss white for the basecoat and a Celtic looking pattern stamped in the Nail's Inc polish yet again. Plate: BM-222

For my Pinkie, I used some nail jewels from Holland. I have a set of 8 tiny bottles and chose the 'cloverish' looking green ones. I made a simple line down each nail, as they are quite large and tend to catch on everything!

And how it looked.

And my mani from another angle:

Hope you like it - I had fun doing it.  Can't wait for Easter!

Till next mani,
Nikki :o)

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