Wednesday, March 6, 2013

This weeks nails and a few other designs from recently...

Hi all

So am back from my mini road trip down South to finish out a busy week of work (and packing) before moving on to a friends place. But I've still found time to do my nails, of course! Went for simplicity and wanted an image from the 2013 Bundle Monster plates - havn't had much of a chance to play around with them yet.

Picked purple for my colours - going with Barry M Chameleon for the base coat & Klean colour mini in Metallic Purple for the stamping.

I then used the cute smilies from the collection (BM-304)

And the final product:

Quite proud of myself, starting to get neater with my basecoat painting :D

Only thing was can't put on a top coat - attempted after these pics and both my clears changed the basecoat colour to dark purple and smudged the smilies. Guess thats what I get for using a polish taht changes colour in hot and cold haha.

Here's a few more pics.

Base colour before stamping (looks more silver than purple, must be because hands are warm for once!)

Other hand.

And here's a roller derby mani I did for a game the other month - got a lot of comments from my fellow BRDG league members :D

I did the following on each finger:

Pivot stripe on Ring finger (had to make my own 'stamp', used double layer of cellotape on the back of a plate to create a stripe).

Freehanded a roller skate on my middle finger.

 Lightening bolts on my pinkie, just cause they are cool :D (BM-305)

 A Jammer star on my pointer. (BM05)

And on my thumb stamped the word Derby. (m18 & m17)

And a pic at the actual bout (we were sitting in the suicide seats for the first game;)

Hope you liked them.  
Till next week.
Nikki :o)

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