Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Once Upon a Time Challenge - Day 9 Inspired by your Favourite episode....

Hey All

Last Once Upon a Time Challenge - woohoo I made it an entire challenge (and month) without being a day late or not having a mani ready (was a close call at times, I can tell you!). It also coincides with my road trip which starts tomorrow - driving around the South of England with a friend from back home, can't wait to check out the English beaches (have heard they are all pebbles and coldness).

Anyway I digress. The topic of today's challenge was Inspired by your favourite episode - of which mine is the "Stable Boy" where Regina is forced to watch her true love, Daniel die by the hand of her Mother and she takes the first steps to becoming the evil Queen.  It's a pretty tramatic episode for Regina, but it shows where she gets her Evilness from and helps explain why she hates Snow so much - not only did she cause her own Mother to kill the man she loved, Snow always seems to find her true love - no matter how much Regina tries to keep them apart.

I used essence nail colour 3 (from Kradvat) for the base coat and Konad Special Polish in White.

 I went for a simple design with an accent nails. The main design represnts Regina's tears and also the lacy look is how she is sweet looking on the outside until you go against her decision.  The base coat colour is because it's a royal-ish blue and Regian's worn it a few times (and it really suits her).  The accent nail is orderly with the lines and flowers and I felt it fit with the rest of the manicure :)

Here's the final result:

And here's a close up of the designs:

accent nail. Plate: BM18.

Other nails.  Plate: BM-315.

And another whole had shot, a bit closer.

Hope you all like it and have enjoyed seeing the mani's I've come up with as much as I've enjoyed creating them. This challenge was just what I needed to kickstart my nail blogging again so thanks heaps of Taya for coming up with the idea.

And as usual make sure you check out the other girls blogs and their manis.

Till next mani
Nikki x

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  1. This is amazing. Thank you for participating in my challenge, you did a great job. :)
    You can already send me your favourite or the one you think it's the best for voting for prize 1. You'll find my email on my blog. :D