Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Once Upon a Time Challenge - Day 4 Favourite Male Character in Once Upon A Time....

So it's challenge time once again - this time my favourite male character in Once Upon a Time.  I struggled with this one - even watched the two episodes I was behind and finally decided upon Rumpelstiltskin.

It didn't exactly turn out the way I wanted - think what I had in my head was waaay too complicated and was a bit busy for the nails but the end result wasn't too bad.

I used La Femme Beauty in Emerald (Kruidvat), Konad Special Polish in Black, Barry M in Chameleon Lilac (Boots) & Klean Colour in Metallic Gold (Postie Plus, NZ).

After a day of painting ceilings my brain was a bit scrambled so I forgot to take pics along the way - sorry guys :( But I painted the Chameleon Lilac first then the emerald on top over half the nail.  I then added a snake skin pattern to the lilac side and the world 'Gold' to the emerald side. I was happy with this but unfortunately the Metallic yellow was running low and while adding nail polish remover to thin it out a little, I accidentally dumped in a whole lot - waah! So I had to change the idea slightly and the rest of the nails have a gold speckled look (added with a cotton bud) with the word 'Gold' stamped on top in Konad Special Polish in Black. 

Anyway here's the result:

This is the first nail I did, with the stamped word Gold.

And the right hand - showed up pretty well in the pic:)

Left hand.

And close up.

The idea I was going for was the two identities Rumpelstiltskin has - the dark one, hence the snake skin and shiny purple he has in the Fairy Tale world and the Gold over green with the letters gold for Mr Gold, his identity in Storybrooke.

Hope you liked them and make sure you head over to the other blogs doing the challenge.

Till next post (valentines day & true loves kiss - can't wait!)
Nikki x

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