Friday, February 15, 2013

Once Upon a Time Challenge - Day 5 True Loves Kiss....

Hi again
Today is day 5 of the Once Upon a Time Challenge with the subject being True Love's Kiss (if you're addicted to the show like me, you'd know there was a whole episode based around it featuring Mary Margret and Charming). Today is also Valentines day so Happy Valentines to you all and hope you're getting something nice from an admirer:)

As I was thinking about what I would do, the colour pink is the first thing that came to mind. Luckily I have a few to choose from.  The colours I used were:

Klean Colour Metallics (mini) in Metallic Pink (Postie Plus in New Zealand), Cosmiss fashion colour 006 in white (from a cheap subway shop in Prague) & Konad Special Polish in White.

I've put a different stamp on each finger, with my thumbs with a white as a base coat and stamping with the metallic pink (best thing about these Klean colours, they work as normal or stamping polish).

 I went with a dancing couple on my pinkie - usually in fairytales the couple in True Love get a dance as well as a kiss:) Plate: OMG Nails Salon Pro 4.

My ring finger was lips - stamped twice.  I've re-stamped the bottom lips, but not the top - see what my stupid top coat did :(. Plate: BM02

Middle finger was the world love with two mini hearts.  Plate: M18 & BM09.

Pointer finger was a simple rose, like what beauty was holding when Phillip awoke her with a kiss.  Plate: B41 (random knock off).

And lastly my thumbs are a whole nail heart pattern.  Plate: BM-317.

 I was all done, looking good (nice and pink;) when I added the top coat forgetting one thing - the pink tends to bleed! My white faded to a hot pink - still able to be seen but not as much of a pop as I liked! Luckily I was able to re-add the stamps on top - hardest thing was lining them up.

Hope you like the final product (I'm such a sucker for pink, I keep seeing them out of the corner of my eye when I'm doing things hehe) and make sure you check out the nails from the other bloggers doing the challenge :)

Till next challenge
Nikki x


  1. Thanks Taya - yours is still pretty, I agree your base coat is awesome, I need to get myself some Holo polishes, feel like I'm missing out :D