Sunday, February 3, 2013

Catch up nails...

So here's a few of the nail designs/stamping I've been doing over the last 9 months (and being slack with the blog posting :)

Plates: M36, BM-222, M30, BM15, BM06

My new (smaller) collection of polishes here in the UK (it was a choice between Clothes, Derby skates or Polish, clothes and skates won).

Plates: BM-213, BM13, BM-211 (for the halloween contest on Bundle Monster)

Plates: BM-208.

Plates: BM13 & BM-211 (got creative with mixing polishes and using tissues to apply (didn't have any orange).

BM-213, BM-222, BM13, BM-209, BM04 (used Sally Hansen stick on Nails as base coat, added stamping and orange French tip).

Plates: BM-211.

Plates: BM19

Plates: BM-14 & OMG Nails Salon Pro Kit (Christmas Manicure using the OMG kit I won by entering my phone number, they have some awesome images on a giant plate :)

Plate: BM-320 (butterfly outline, added white dots, one of my fav mani's of all time. opposing hands had wings going opposite way :)

Plate: BM-215

Plate: BM-203

Plate: BM-205

Plates: BM13, BM-224.  (The scull and cross bones is from a knock off plate, these were a friends nails:)

Plates: BM Special Edition Hawaiian Xmas Plate.

Plates: BM-201 and hello kitty from a knock off plate.

Plate: BM-212 (attempting a gradient, but didn't come out too well).

Plates: BM-313, BM-301, BM14.

Plates: BM-311, BM-310, m71, BM-321

Stick on nails from a random Korean shop - sooo hard to get off and super bumpy, not very good really but looked pretty :)

Plate: BM21 (New Year's Eve nails, plus accent nail with individual stuck on Rhinestones).

Plates: BM-310, BM-213, BM-202, BM-215, M18 & OMG Nails Salon Pro Kit (for an Adventures in Stamping Challenge - Book you're reading, mine was based on Cinderella but with a twist).

So that's all I've managed to remember to photograph over the last few months, sure there are more that I just never got around to recording.

Till next OUAT challenge
Nikki x

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