Friday, February 1, 2013

Bye Bye Gelish, French & Blue starred...

Last week I decided the Gelish on my nails had run its course - manly due to the fact I couldn't type properly and I scratched a customer at work the other night - oops :P Here's a few shots of how far it grew out - pretty impressive length for me espically with working, it lasted over 8 weeks so really pleased with it.
And after an hour or two I was back to natural nails - abet very long natural nails. 

I then filed them to non-customer-scratching length and added a base coat to get them looking a wee bit healthier.

 Then attempted a french manicure with some glitter thrown on for fun (I am usually pretty bad at these, but was impressed this time).  Glitter was a cheap polish from the faceshop and white was part of a french manicure set I'd never used.

I then quickly got bored with this (plus it chipped within a day at work, gotta love the fast food industry and washing your hands every 5 mins) and did a bright blue number.

Using plates BM05 & BM20 (both the star patterns). Also tried entering this in the Bundle Monster competition to win the 2012 plates but sadly couldn't compete with those who had 1000's of votes from their blogs. Oh well maybe next time :)

Till next post,
Nikki x

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