Monday, March 19, 2012

2 celebrations - a Wedding & Saint Patricks day..

The weekend of the 17th of March was a busy one for me and my family.  Not only was it Saint Patrick's Day it was also my Brother's wedding and my cousin's 5th Birthday.  I was supposed to have a roller derby game on that weekend as well but luckily (although disappointingly me for) it was canceled due to lack of people turning up to training.

Anyway I digress.  Basically that busy weekend meant two sets of nails in one weekend :)

Here are the first ones, for my brothers wedding.  I went with a simple red for the base coat (to match my dress).  Unfortunately it didn't cover the purple Gelish particularly well, if you looked closely you could see the re-growth (but no-one really did apart from me).

The red was a gifted polish from my Aunty, a borghese lacquer in Venetian Red F and I used Konad Special Polish in White on the M65 Plate.

It turned out pretty nicely but just a tad boring for my tastes.  Good for a wedding though:)

Then a day later it was Saint Patrick's Day, one of my favourite days after living in Korea (because like most things American, in Korea they're crazy about it and an Irish drinking day was no different).  So I pulled out my greens and decided on a fairly simple manicure with a wee bit of sparkle.  

The Revlon Wind Fall Top Speed (NZ$8) covered up the gelish perfectly & the glitter (and occasional stars, from The Face Shop, NZ$4) helped make it pretty.  Sadly as good as my nails looked I didn't actually make it out for a drink as I was too tired and a wee bit hung over from the reception the night before.  But hey at least my nails looked fab :)

Till next week.
Nikki :o)

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