Monday, March 5, 2012

Gelish, Purple, Glitter & a few other polishes...

So I finally got my second lot of Gelish done by Katey at Minx Beauty - woohoo.  And this time I went for purple with a lighter shade mixed over top for a different colour :) Here's the result

All shiny and soon to be long.  I also played around with another of my nail plates, this time BM-209 using a fishnet type pattern.    

They’re not perfect as I was experimenting with my konad special polish in white pearl (which didn’t stamp as clear or bright as white) and also Katey was trying out full name stamps for the first time.  


Konad special polishes in white and white pearl.

But as you can see below they didn’t come out too bad.

I soon got bored of that so a week later did my second lot of stamping.  This time I used another bundle monster plate, BM-223 in the zebra pattern.

I was stoked with these, they turned out so well & most people that commented couldn’t believe they were a) my real nails and b) I’d done them myself :)

And the final ‘purple’ manicure was a week later.  This time I used LA Girl Cracked in Silver.

Then stamped a heart over top in Konad special polish in black from bundle monster plate BM-202.

 It was valentines day after all (not that I deliberately did a heart but it was a great coincidence ;)

There you have it, 3 manicures using the same base colour – pretty unusual for me but had to make the gelish worth while. 

Till next blog

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