Monday, February 13, 2012

Nearly a month...

So yet again i've been a bit slack with the blog - mainly because I've finally started to organise my travel plans & work has been super busy.

To make up for it I have included shots of my ENTIRE nail polish collection after my manicure for the week.  The hardest thing was fitting all the polishes in the shot & it appears I have almost 80 polishes... that number seems to have snuck up on me ;)

Anyway my manicure this week (well technically 3 weeks ago) used one of new scented polishes by BYS.

It was pretty cheap at postie plus ($4.99) & does actually smell quite nice (even through 2 coats of top coat).  As you can see from the picture, its inventively called 'Scented Bright Red'.

For the design I used Bundle Monster Plate BM03 from their original set of plates.

I chose the fern pattern in the middle left.


Using Konad special polish in White.

And added some diamantes for some bling/sparkle.

The finished result.

Simiple but pretty was the look I was aiming for.

Now for my nail polishes.  Here's the shot of the entire collection:

I even colour co-ordinated them (mainly because I was trying to buy more online & needed to make sure I didn't already have that colour:)

And here are the polishes by colour.

So as you can see I have a whole heap of combinations left to choose from :)

Have a great week
Nikki :o)

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