Friday, January 27, 2012

Blue & White checked...

This week I decided to try one of another of my new bundle monster plates I received the other week.  Seeing as I've now got over 50, figured I should start trying to make my way through them :)  Ended up using the same one as last week tho haha...

I used one of my older polishes for the base coat - Loreal Jet-Set quick dry in Jet 415.  Sadly cause it was old it was kinda gluggy & took a while to set.  On the plus side it only needed one coat.

I started off with the pretty looking leaf pattern (lower left), but as sometimes happens with these stamping plates, it looked better on the plate than on my nail (still pretty, just not what I was looking for ;)

So I changed to the plaid looking pattern (middle top).  Turned out pretty cool.  Had a few comments at work, with most people thinking it was the stick on nail polish. Sigh.  Stamping maybe a wee bit harder but it looks cooler & is way cheaper.  Those Sally Hansen stick on nails cost NZ$20!

I used the Konad special polish in white for the pattern.

The finished result.

Have a great week - its finally started to warm up here & feel like summer.


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