Thursday, January 5, 2012

Red, Green & Silver - Double Christmas Nails..

After a busy two (or more like 4 now that I'm finally finishing this post!) weeks, Christmas is over and done with.  It's been busy, busy, busy so I've missed a post or two on here but this is a double post showing off my Christmas nails from the last two weeks to show off what nails I managed to get done.

Seeing as gold isn't really my colour, I went for Silver as my base coat & Red, Green & glitter for the designs.

Here's the silver I used for the base coat.  Wet 'n' Wild.  Its the first (and only) nail polish I won from a woman's magazine once back when I was about 14.  So pretty old but still works (due to being kept in the fridge).

I then painted green & red on alternating nails, on an angle across the tips (kinda like a french tip, but angled).

I used Konad special polish in green ($8.99 from a Korean Nail/accessory shop in Hamilton (its called Sexy Catz;)

And my favourite red, Dear Face from a cheap korean shop (W4000)

For the stamping designs I used Konad Plate M12 (the christmas one!), the middle left picture.  I'll upload a picture of the plate as soon as I get a chance to take pictures of my original plates.

And the colours I used were:

Konad special polish in Wine Red & Green.

As well as Silver glitter to add some sparkles.

And here's the finished result.

And here are my nails for Christmas day.

I used the same red & green as above, but used LA Girl Cracked in Silver over the top.

Hope your christmas was good, mine involved too much food & chocolate as well as lots of time with the family :)


Edit 16/01/12 Here's the christmas plate now that i've finally taken pics of all my plates :)

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