Monday, January 16, 2012

Pink & Yellow plus new plates...

So yet again its been a few weeks, due to me going away on my days off.  Today will be a double post, with two sets of nails to make up for missing last week.  Also other exciting news is I finally gave in and brought the other set of plates from Bundle Monster.  These were their original set of 21.  The whole nail designs are slightly smaller (so have to double stamp the thumbs) but there are more small pictures on the plates including a cupcake (which as some of you know how much I love baking, is almost the sole reason I brought the plates;)

Anyway here is a pic of the plates

So many designs to play with.... I now have over 50 plates... good thing I do my nails every week :)

My first set of nails was using my favourite pink, Maybelline Express Finish Fushsia Fever as the base Coat.

Then used Bundle Monster plate BM-224

(the top flower design)

in Konad Special Polish in White

And used a Sally Hasen Nail art pen to fill in the dots on the flowers

Here's the final result

Now for the second set of nails.

I started of with one of my new nail polishes.  They're in pharmacies here and only $4 each.  I found 4 for $10 in Hamilton the other day and couldn't resist :) sadly I already had a very similar colour to the yellow I've used but you can never have too many shades right :P

 They are Miki & in cute little sizes.

Then I used one of my newest bundle monster plates, M19

The pokadot design down the bottom.

With Konad special polish in Wine Red 

And the end result

Pretty pokadot nails :)

I finished off my designs with a new top coat, by Orly which from the looks of other blogs is a pretty good nail polish brand in the USA.

It's called Sec 'n Dry & dries all the layers quickly according to the label. It seems to work really well, perfect for those times I only just finish my nails before :)

Have a great week

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