Monday, March 19, 2012

Black & White, Tropical & Royal Purple...

The Gelish is still going strong and it even lasted through a couple of weeks so I had long nails for my brothers wedding :)

Anyway enough about the gelish here are my nails over the last few weeks.

I had a hen's party to go to and the theme was black and white.  My first thought was for my nails, naturally, not my dress.

I went with black base coat  - a NZ$10 cheapy from a pharmacy when I needed black for Halloween one year.

And used Konad special Polish in White on stamp Konad M71.

I chose the lacey pattern in the upper right for all nails except two, which I used the bow in the lower left on to create feature nails just to keep it interesting :D

And the finished result.

 I was pretty pleased with these & got a few comments at the hen's party (and true to my nail addiction I ended up taking my nails with me to the party & doing a few nails :)

Then I was on holiday for two weeks.  As you can see below I took my nail polishes with me & in between sunbathing & drinking did mine & my friends nails.

My next design was inspired by another nail blogger (can't remember what blog but idea wasn't mine to start with).  

My base coat was one of my new revlon polishes I recieved the other day (gave in and ordered 8 online from a sale site, only took 2 months to be delivered but they were only $8 each so a steal).  And I used the Bundle Monster plate, BM-210 and the pattern in the top right, stamped in Konad Special Polish in White.  I then coloured in the middle of the pattern with Sally Hansen nail art pen in Blue.

Final look.

Kinda tropical I thought :) Didn't really wear that well though, rubbed off rather quickly.

For my last manicure I went back to using the gelish as my base again (so purple) and cause it had grown out so far I had to cover up the regrowth at the bottom.  I decided on a kind of reverse french manicure, with the tips at the base.  Sure there is a technical name for it but I never remember these things.

I used another of my new revlon polishes as the 'cover up' colour at the bottom, Endless possiblities.  Although it looks purple in this picture, its more like a peach/nude colour.

I stamped in Konad special polish in purple and used Bundle Monster plate BM17 as well as BM08 to add a little 'royality' to the look :)

And the end result.

Another 2 weeks of nails to come... going on holiday doesn't work with nail blogging so well :)

Till next week

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