Monday, February 18, 2013

Once Upon a Time Challenge - Day 6 Magic Comes with a Price....

Hi all

Challenge time again - Day 6 of the Once Upon a Time Challenge, over half way - phew! I have really enjoyed doing this challenge but finding the time to do my nails is proving a challenge itself - think I'm a once a week kind of girl :)

Today's challenge was Magic comes with a price. Naturally I thought of Regina, Rumplestiltskin and Snow & Charming.  I've gone with a turquoise which aptly enough is named Timely Turquoise - its also a Maybelline Express Finish (50 second) which meant fast drying base coat = faster mani :)  For the stamping I used Konad Special polish in Wine Red and White.

Here's how they turned out - I'm pretty pleased with them (excuse the messy edges, I really need to learn how to paint to the edges but not get it on my skin:)

I stamped a different design on each nail.

A star representing the magic on my pinkies. Plate: BM-311.

An apple on my ring finger - the whole Snow vs Regina thing. Plate: m55.

Middle finger was snakeskin (again) to represent Rumplestiltskin. Plate: BM-215.

Pointer finger - a heart trapped behind shattered glass. The idea was Regina rips out hearts and also a consequence of dealing with Rumplestiltskin (and his magic) is usually those in love don't get their happily ever after (or if they do it takes a REALLY long time;). Plates: BM-208 & BM202.

Thumb - the idea with this nail was Regina - she's gone from a queen to a witch through the choices she made about magic. Her consequence is she is feared and hated by all those she used to rule. Plates: BM08 & BM-209.

And a few final shots - this was before I painted on the top coat (now the heart looks like it's in front of the shattered glass due to the white fading).

Different light makes it look green - promise it's blue.

Until next mani and challenge - hope you all have a good week next week and don't forget the other girls.

Nikki x

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