Thursday, February 21, 2013

Once Upon a Time Challenge - Day 7 Mirror Mirror, On The Wall....

Hi all

Day 7 of the Once Upon a Time challenge - Mirror Mirror, On the Wall. I decided to go for a pretty simple mani cure as Wednesdays are my busy day (as have no free time until 7pm, tonight it was 8pm, lucky me!).

I used Black and Silver for base coats (came in a £2 pack from a super store round here, completely unbranded bottles) plus Konad Special Polish in Black & White.

I then attempted to create a Frame on each nail to represent the mirror (with the idea that I would stamp a picture in each mirror). After a lot of experimenting with different stamps, I finally found a pattern and square shape that I thought would work.

But it still didn't look as good as I'd imagined so I scrapped the mirror idea and just stuck with the faces.

Thought they turned out pretty cute :)

Here's a close up of each nail.

The idea behind it is the mirror has a face - and I'm showing all it's possible faces and emotions :)

Hope you liked them - thinking I'll start my princess nails early so can plan them out & get something I'm happy with.  Also apologies for bad photography - it's almost 10pm here and I can't get good pics in the darkness!

Make sure you check out the other girls (they are doing all sorts of free handing - way harder than the stamping I stick to).

Nikki x

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