Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Once Upon a Time Challenge - Day 2 Favourite Villan in Once Upon A Time....

Hi all
So today is day 2 of the Once Upon A Time Nail Art Challenge (created by the lovely Taya

The challenge was your Favourite Villan from the series.  Mine has to be hook - 3 main reasons:
1. He's kinda cute (not your normal villan requirement)
2. He's a pirate (there's just something about them)
3. He wears eyeliner just like Captian Jack Sparrow (another favourite Pirate of mine haha).

Anyway back to the nail stuff. I went with a lovely sea green to represent the sea and stamped with Konad special polish in black. I havn't had a lot of time today - in between catching trains, waiting in sub zero temperatures and applying for British tax related stuff - so went for something fairly simple.

Here are the polishes I used:

And here's the finished product:

Here is the idea behind each nail....

The crocodile (aka Rumplestiltskin) {OMG Nails Salon Pro Kit 4}

Scull and cross bones for the pirate. {B51, knock off plate}

The necklace Hook always seems to be wearing (some sort of cross). {BM13}

A kind of smudged attempt at a Hook and his name. {M17 & M18}

Hooks ship being sucked into the vortex as they travel to Storybrook (one of the last episodes I've watched, think there are a few to catch up on). {OMG nails salon Pro kit 4}

Hope you like them.

Till the next challenge,
Nikki x


  1. Thanks guys - just downloaded a new episode of OUAT today so will be watching it 2moro, can't wait!