Saturday, February 9, 2013

Once Upon a Time Challenge - Day 3 Favourite Female Character in Once Upon A Time....

Today's another Once Upon a Time Challenge - yay! This time it is your favourite female character. Mine is Bell - possibly cause the actress is Australian and that's close to New Zealand? haha I really have no idea why she's my favourite, but she's the one I've chosen.

I've only used two polishes - Klean colour mini in metallic Yellow (so gold in other words) and Konad Special Polish in Wine Red.  Gold because Mr Gold is her beloved and red because it reminds me of her (think it's all the red lipstick she wears, not as much as ruby but close!).

So here's the mani.

I used BM-314 for the flower/leaf design on three fingers - figured it looked elegant like Bell is.

Then used BM12 for the chains - representing her being held prisoner for so long by Regina.

Finally on the Thumb I used another image from OMG salon Pro 4 plate - Bell herself - looking worried, as she usually does whenever she's around Mr Gold as he's usually up to no good and she is usually trying to stop him.

Hope you like it and make sure you check out the other girls doing the challenge

Till the next mani
Nikki x


  1. I love Belle and her accent! :D
    Lovely mani :)

  2. Thanks - My accent is almost the same being a kiwi - just not quite so nasal haha :D

  3. I lobe Belle and the manicure you did. :)